Gaining the upper hand through being an opportunist

micro wins | MAJOR GAINS I’ve seen out in the world there to be many types of people as there are many ways they achieve success. Some are meticulous thinkers who strategize every detail to reach their goal, some are “wingers” who go with the flow of what life brings them and some are hybrids containing bits and pieces of many elements. But I’ve seen few who are “opportunist”, who hold value and capitalize on what most others wouldn’t value and capitalize on. In turn they shamelessly outwork, outmanoeuvre and outsmart their circumstances. They don’t hold the same standards as the rest of society who believe in operating a certain way, they’re disrupters, unorthodox, unprecedented and unstoppable. They take every tiny gap, grab every loose ball and seize every moment and every opportunity to push their goal forward even when it seems too small to care about, unusual to do or even dirty to the common eye. They understand the difference between first and second place can be like a 100m sprin…

Perfection in pain: The Path to Excellence

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like for you to operate at your maximum potential! To have nothing hold you back from your desired destination? You may be closer than you think, your path to perfection may be ringing your doorbell and you’re simply not answering and allowing it in!
Today’s growth: “Perfection in Pain”- the path to excellence The truth of the matter is too many times the path to excellence isn’t what we expect it to look like so we reject it from the get-go before giving it a chance to show it’s true power. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” Just as diamonds are made under intense heat, pressure and cooling and as silver has its impurities destroyed by being held to the fire by the silversmith for just the right amount of time to be able to see his reflection in the silver, so are you and I made perfect through the trials and obstacles we tackle in our everyday lives. From having the discipline to consistently wake up on time in the morning, control our emotions…

Declaring For The Draft (4 key training drills to reach your goals)

In sports competition, few athletes who show themselves to be exceptional prodigies are granted the rare privilege of taking their talents to the professional leagues. They begin as freshman/school students, having to work their way up the ranks before entering college where further sifting takes place to separate the very good from the exceptional players. From this point they begin to be put under a microscope with their play critiqued, measured and evaluated to determine who has what it takes to survive and thrive in the major leagues. For those who are tried and proven at the elementary level, professional teams begin to show interest in their abilities. Abilities that are believed to be of extra-ordinary talent and when these circumstances present themselves, the athlete is advised to declare for the official draft which will open up the athlete’s ability to be signed onto a pro-level sports team with the ability to earn millions to hundreds of millions of dollars, fame, fortune a…

Nothing’s new under the sun (how to generate success with the same old material)

Nothing is new under the sun. An old proverb that you may have heard demonstrate the fact life is doomed to repeat itself for an eternal length of time into the foreseeable future. But how might we repeat this phrase in a new sense that can bring hope and light into the pursuit of our goals and betterment of our communities? “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” is what we will take from today to highlight the opportunities presented to us by this exact way of thinking in society. Unless you have conquered one of the more difficult habits humans wrestle with: Pride, fear, prejudice, preference, comfort and familiarity is a strong influence in who you associate with, trust, act like and identify with. This same familiarity has been what can limit us from seeing new doors and scenery the world has to offer us, at the same time, this familiarity is also what lowers our guards to take chances, heed wisdom from others, accept truths of life and become motivated for a higher w…

The Art of Role Play

“Know your role”. A phrase that is used with both positive and negative implications, at times stating an individual is trying too hard, doing too much or stepping out of the box others have created for them. At other times the phrase is something perhaps a well-seasoned professional will express as why they/their team are able to consistently perform at high standards.
But exploring why this idea is critical in the success of executing a vision, is what I would like to expand upon and dive more deeply into.
Have you ever been someone who believed themselves to be a highly outgoing or competent individual in your own particular social setting until you were made to step into a new environment where your original skill-set seemed to not transfer over?
You now weren’t the funniest among the bunch, or the best looking, the smartest, most daring or most charismatic. And when in this new setting, you seemed to reduce to a more primitive, lesser version of yourself when in the presence of the…