Perfection in pain: The Path to Excellence

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like for you to operate at your maximum potential! To have nothing hold you back from your desired destination? You may be closer than you think, your path to perfection may be ringing your doorbell and you’re simply not answering and allowing it in!

Today’s growth: “Perfection in Pain”- the path to excellence
The truth of the matter is too many times the path to excellence isn’t what we expect it to look like so we reject it from the get-go before giving it a chance to show it’s true power.
“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”
Just as diamonds are made under intense heat, pressure and cooling and as silver has its impurities destroyed by being held to the fire by the silversmith for just the right amount of time to be able to see his reflection in the silver, so are you and I made perfect through the trials and obstacles we tackle in our everyday lives.
From having the discipline to consistently wake up on time in the morning, control our emotions in heated situations and be open to constructive critique from others to maintaining a positive mindset in the face of negativity and remaining true to our values and desires for life.
It is these moments that draw out and mould our strengths as individuals. If we demand for our path to perfection to come in the form of rainbows and butterflies and never storms and rainy seasons, we could be on a slippery slope to true failure through our demand to only experience pleasure in life which will eventually only result in pain anyway!
Remembering to appreciate in life, not only the fullness and path to perfection that comes from the joys and pleasures of life but also the lessons we learn and character we build from the pain we experience, a true path to perfection.
Our journeys of ups and downs will try and prove and make perfect our work, knowing our pain will be temporary but your legacy of achievement will remain forever!
So what path to perfection could you be resisting today that will actually unlock your ability to operate at your maximum potential, begin to welcome it knowing every step is progress and growth, learning from even your painful experiences.
In later articles we’ll discuss the difference between being exercised vs broken and abundance vs gluttonous!
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